T-75LT is one of the common bolt system profile in the market. It can be used for roofing, celing and siding. It is also available in Aluminium Zinc and Colour Coated steel. 


Our roofing and siding profiles has been certified and awarded according to Local and International Standards.

T-75LT (Bolt System)

T-65DS is double seam type of boltless system. With our double seam system, we use hi-tensile steel with the yeild strenght of G550 mpb. It makes our product much stronger and easy to install.

T-65DS (Boltess System)

T-75DS is double seam type of boltless system. It is ideal for industrial, commercial and architectural applications. When used in a Retrofit application, T-75DS increases energy efficiency and longevity of the structure.

T-75DS (Boltess System)

T-115DS (Boltess System)

T-115DS is double seam type of boltless system. It is the highest rib of all kind. It also popular for long and continued sheet of roof panel. It can produce and install with over 100 meters long sheet.

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