Sandwich Insulation Panel


Super Panel is a remarkable product because they can act as strong as a solid material, but weigh significantly less. The trend for “stronger-lighter” is becoming increasingly important in the transportation and aerospace industries, and super panel is filling this need.


Our super panel structure is made up of two major elements, the skin and the core. Super Panel skins are the outer layers and are constructed out of a metal sheet. 


The core materials provide many of the panels’ desirable properties and are often composed with various thicknesses of polystyrene foam (from 38 - 250 mm.) as well as mineral rockwool insulation (Density 125 kg., thk. 50 mm.)


Roof Panel is a Thai made insulated composite roof system with a fire-retardant Polystyrene foam recommended for educational facilities, supermarkets, industrial premises. 
It is light weight, thermal effective, quick and easy to install.



Polystyrene Foam Super Panel offers insulated metal wall panels for exterior and interior use for a variety of metal building constructions.
Superior in quality and durability, our insulated metal wall panels will offer a modern look for your building.


Super Panel insulated metal wall panels are the perfect solution to create and maintain a high performance building envelope.

Mineral Rockwool Super Panel comprises of pre-fabricated composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool insulation  as core and profiled / plain colour coated Aluminium - Zinc (Aluzinc) Steel steel sheet facing on both sides, complete with joint sealants and fixing ancillaries. 
Rockwool Panel is composite, self-supported structural elements, specially designed for side wall coverings or the construction of fire houses in different places. They are fire resistant structural elements with fire resistance indicator certified by a Leading Local University in Thailand.

PIR Panel

TSS Polyisocyanurate Insulated Panel System, designed for use within temperature controlled and hygiene safe environments such as food processing, freezers, cold/chill store and clean rooms for the bio-technology and pharmaceutical industries.
These firesafe, hygienic and fibre-free insulated panel systems are suitable for roofing, internal and external walls and ceilings, including internal "box within a box" application.

Roof Panel

Roof Panel is the integration of the core and facings as well as very good thermal insulation. Continuous core is an additional advantage, which enhances the aesthetics of the building


Wall Panel

Wall Panel is advanced sandwich panel system with many recognized international standard for cleanness, safety and energy saving system, specially for cold storage room and clean room. It is straightforward and fast for erection.



Exterior Wall Panel


Exterior Wall Panel is an innovative building construction material for all sector. It can be specially designed for energy saving system as well as time control with low maintenance cost. it is very efficient and constructive for your project.