Hi-Tensile Steel Purlin (Hi-PUR)


Hi - Tensile Galvanized Purlin has become well accepted in the modern construction business for the high standard of material performance, fast speed to erect in projects, and cost effectiveness. These qualities of Hi-Tensile Galivanized Purlin is all around better than those of the conventional mild steel. We can manufacture in both Z & C profile to suit all purposes.


Galvanized Steel

Our galvanized material is a special specificiation of ZERO Spangle. The aesthetic touch also prevents the accumulation of dust.


Our Hi-PUR has Zinc coating (Z) 275 g/m2, providing a good level of corrosion protection for normal applications, and steel coil with guaranteed yield strength of 450 N/mm.


This is our special specification of ZERO spangle in comparison to the Regular spangle of other material in the market. The ZERO spangle is a continuous galvanizination to guarantee smooth, high quality end products and prevent accumulation of dust.

Hi C

C Profile purlin is most commonly used for siding structure. We can manufacture in various thicknesses and profiles, and the purlin will come with already punched sections. (C100, 125 and 150 / thickness of 1.20 and 1.50 mm.) Please contact our staff for further information or request.


With our technical engineer team's services. We can help you to recheck and compare the budget between the normal mild steel purlin to galvanized purlin before your decision. In addition, we will service you throughout the whole process of production until delivery to your site.


Magnesium Steel

Our magnesium material is produced by alloying the aluminum, zinc, silicon and magnesium and then hot dipping it on a steel sheet. It is designed to be suitable for the applications requiring high corrosion resistance.


The coating layer consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and magnesium and 1.6% silicon.

Hi Z

Z Profile purlin is most common for roofing structure. We can manufacture wtih various thickness and profiles, and the purlin will come with already punched sections. (Z150, 200, 250 and 300 / thickness of 1.50, 1.90 and 2.4 mm.) Please contact our staff for further information and request.

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