Our Products

Metal Roof & Wall System

We provide highly standard of metal sheet roofing and siding system with bolt and boltless system. Especially, our own know - how of boltless system which has been recognized by "DOUBLE SEAM SYSTEM" in the market. We concentrate on produce our roofing with Hi-Tensile Steel. Also, our roofing systems come with automatic laminated insulation of X.P.E Foam (Crosslinked Polyethelene Foam).

Insulated Roofing System

Our INSULATED ROOFING SYSTEM is a laminated of steel metal sheet and Polyurethane foam. It comes with various thicknesses of insulation and different kind of facing materials such as aluminum foil, vinyl as well as steel metal sheet. For it's apllication is most common used for construction proposes such as warehouse, office and distribution center.

Standing Seam Roofing System

Our standing seam roofing system is one of the most cutting edge technology for metal roof system. It can be produced by many different kind of materials such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel or copper. This system gives limitless design potential – complex roof geometries and innovative designs are no problem for our standing seam system under the brand of "FLEXSEAM" and "ROUNDSEAM".

Sandwich Insulation Panel (Super Panel)

Our SUPER PANEL is a laminated double sided of steel metal sheet and Polystyrene foam. It comes with various thicknesses of insulation. For it's apllication is most common used for construction proposes such as temporary office, know down house and also been used for clean room and cold storage room.

Hi-Tensile Steel Purlin (Hi-PUR)

Hi - tensile Galvanized Purlin has become well accepted in the modern construction business because of the material standard perfomance, fast to erect, cost effective all around than the conventional mild steel. We can manufacture in both Z & C profile to suit all purposes. Also, our galvanized material is a special specificiation of ZERO Spangle. It gives you a precious touched after forming and prevent coherence of dust.

Re-Roofing System

It is time not to repair your declined existing roofing. Re-roofing is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the condition, look and most importantly the value of your properties.

Insulation Materials

We provide many different kind of insulation materials for roofing and siding such as Rockwool, Glasswool, XPE foam and Spray PU foam.