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Sandwich Insulation Panel

Our Super Panel is a "stronger-lighter" alternative to traditional building structures. Functioning as a strong solid material but weighing significantly less, the panel consists of two components: the skin and the core. Super Panel skins are the outer metal sheet layers, while the core material is polystyrene foam with varied thicknesses (from 38-250 mm.).


Roof Panel is an insulated composite roof system with a fire-retardant Polystyrene foam recommended for educational facilities, supermarkets, industrial premises. 
It is light weight, thermally effective insulator, and quick and easy to install.


Polystyrene Foam Super Panel offers insulated metal wall panels for exterior and interior uses for a variety of metal building/construction applications. 
Superior in quality and durability, our insulated metal wall panels will offer a modern look for your building.


Super Panel insulated metal wall panels are the perfect solution to create and maintain a high performance building envelopes. 

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