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Since our first double seam project in 2008, we are proud to be the first roll former in Thailand to manufacture and install boltless high-tensile metal sheet roofing with the double seam system. 

Double Seam Technology

Our technology has been tested and passed for zero leakage according to ASTM E1646 and wind uplift according to FM Global

We utilize an electrical seamer that seam the separate sheets together to complete the installation process. The electrical seamer ensures no manual errors and a smoothly seamed finish. 

With over a decade of experience in honing our skills and expertise and our accumulated know-how, our double seam system has become one of the most trusted metal sheet roofing systems in Thailand. 

Long Span Connector Design

We have our own special design of roofing connectors to allow thermal expansion of metal sheet roofing at long span.


The long span connector are designed to use in certain roofing areas by supported engineering calculations. 

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